Why to miss Innovation with precise and transparent analytics

  • We provide 100% viewership and high brand re-call value through “WinGa”
  • WinGa never force your advertisement to be seen rather makes it very exciting to watch.
  • An advertisement is not just seen but feel and remembered. WinGa understand it quite well. We have innovated new ways of Ad campaigns and with high user engagement. This will ensure not only precise reach but also better and high re-call value.
  • Through continuous quest to improve innovate and excite stake holders of brand promotion and publishers, WinGa encapsulated next level intelligence in making Ad to reach targeted audience and gain advantage of 100% viewership and better re-call.

100% Viewership Guaranteed

No Statistics based conclusions and assumptions. Its 100% Assured.

Higher Brand Recall

41% Higher Brand Re-call than any Advertising Scenario today.

No Enforcement

User is not forced to see ad in the middle, But user will interestingly see the ad.

100% Focus on Ad

Your Ad is watched with complete focus and no other disturbances.

Sponsored & Special Sessions

Options to prioritize, Sponsored & special sessions.

Not Just see but understand

Not Just view the Advertisement but the viewer understands it.

Watching ad is exciting not obligation

No Obligation to watch ad but Ad watching is exciting.

Age & Gender wise Control

Controlled content serving based on compliance regulations.

Region wise Control

Optimise your ad with Region control.

Available in 11 Indian Languages

Increases reachability to Rural areas too with Multilingual support.